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Car Accident LawyerIf you have suffered from workplace accidents, slip and fall incidents, or dog bites in the Jackson Heights NY area, you might assume that the injury was your own fault. Yet there's a good chance that the accident wouldn't have happened if not for another party's negligence. These parties have a duty to pay for your care, suffering, and other negative consequences, and Michael Iakovou and Associates ensure that they fulfill that duty to the fullest. Operating out of Long Island City, we provide Tri-State residents the legal support they need for a recovery.

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Get The Compensation You Deserve with an Experienced Attorney Michael Iakovou and Associates have a long history of getting compensation for countless different personal injuries, including:

Workplace Accidents - If your employer doesn't take proper safety precautions and you are injured as a result, you deserve compensation for the full cost of your care and any resulting disabilities. We are particularly adept at getting redress for construction accidents, which can lead to the most devastating injuries and place a particularly heavy responsibility on employers.

Automotive Accidents - When another driver's negligence causes you serious injury, you need a car accident lawyer who can make sure that driver compensates you in full. We provide just such an auto accident lawyer team, and maximizing your recovery while keeping the roads safe.

Animal Accidents - Dog owners who have especially strong or aggressive pets are charged with preventing those pets from harming those who don't know how to handle them. This means that if you are mauled by a dog, that dog's owner must pay restitution. We won't rest until they do. In providing support for a myriad of personal injury claims, Michael Iakovou and Associates makes sure that such support is available to clients of all backgrounds. Our team includes Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek speakers, and we are happy to provide service in whichever of these languages you are most comfortable speaking. Though clear communication and committed support, we can build you as strong a case as possible.

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Personal injury claims are nothing to take lightly. If you are not given compensation for physical and psychological wounds, the effects can linger for the rest of your life, affecting your ability to work, focus, or even sleep. For this reason, Michael Iakovou and Associates takes an unrelenting approach to your claims. As soon as you request our assistance, we will research the accident in depth, gathering all the information that could possibly contribute to your case. We then build an airtight argument, which we submit to the relevant authorities. If necessary, we will take your case to court, and will continue fighting it until you receive everything you deserve.

Receive Your Just Compensation from Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are a particularly important area of personal injury law. Not only are they among the most common injuries you can experience, but they have the potential to cause serious, debilitating injuries. Michael Iakovou and Associates leaves no stone upturned with car accident cases, paying attention to:

Witness Statements - If anyone else witnessed the accident, we will identify them, get their statements, and encourage them to testify in court if necessary. The more witnesses we can bring together, the easier it is to demonstrate that it was the other driver's negligence, and not your mistakes or bad luck, that caused your injuries.

Medical Reports - The defendant's auto accident lawyer will likely claim that your injuries would not have been as serious if you had sought the proper medical care more quickly. To counter this claim, we will gather all medical records, interview your care providers, and prove you got the care you needed.

Full Expenses - We document all the expenses you paid as a result of your injuries. These include not only medical bills, but also indirect costs, such as time spent away from work.

For more information on gaining redress for auto accidents, dog bites, and other injuries, contact Michael Iakovou and Associates today.

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