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Few commercial decisions matter more than where you do business. From purchasing or leasing new facilities to selling properties you no longer use, you will undoubtedly need to navigate complex real estate decisions. Michael Iakovou and Associates has the training and experience to guide you through even the most challenging leases and purchase agreements. Operating out of near Queens NY, we know the real estate challenges that businesses face in the New York area. By overcoming these challenges, we give local firms the physical and legal foundation to achieve all their goals.real estate attorney

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In our long history negotiating and reviewing business contracts, Michael Iakovou and Associates has encountered the full range of real estate legal issues. We keep each of these issues in mind for your agreements, allowing us to prevent:

Contractual Confusion - One of the most common sources of failure for real estate contracts is a simple lack of consensus between the original owner and the buyer or tenant. Say you are renting the property and the owner expects you to do your own maintenance work; if the agreement doesn't make this clear, it is unlikely to satisfy either of you. We make sure that provisions like this are written explicitly into the contract, so that neither you nor the other party has any uncertainty about what your obligations are.

Zoning Issues - When buying, selling, or leasing a property, it is important to make sure that the way you and the other party use it is consistent with local laws and statutes. Michael Iakovou and Associates has a detailed understanding of the zoning laws throughout the Tri-State Area. We will examine how you or the other party intends to use the property, make sure it is authorized under local laws, and modify the contract accordingly.

Title Disputes - If you buy or lease a property from someone who does not actually have the authority to make such a transaction, you could end up losing the property when the title issue becomes public. While negotiating the contract, we will examine the history of the property in detail and make sure there is no potential for title disputes.

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In aiding you with contract negotiation, Michael Iakovou and Associates not only saves you money, time, and legal trouble, but also gives you peace of mind. Once the transaction is complete, you can be confident in the validity of your real estate rights, allowing you to move on to other business endeavors.

Assistance with Purchase Agreements & Sale Contracts on Commercial Properties Of all the real state contracts you might enter, purchase and sale agreements are among the most important. Buying and selling properties has an enormous impact on not only your daily operations, but also the financial health of your company. We are happy to go into the weeds of these contracts, making sure that they specify: Property Descriptions- The agreement should specify the exact location and boundaries of the property, along with any possessions that come with it. This lowers the likelihood of boundary disputes and other issues.

Financial Terms - Purchase agreements should state the financial circumstances under which the agreement is valid. Otherwise, if you are unable to get a loan for the property at acceptable rates, you could lose your deposit. Likewise, if you are selling a property, including these terms in the contract makes the buyer's actions more predictable.

Inspection Contingencies - Whether you are buying or selling, there should be a contingency for inspection in the contract. If you are buying, this ensures that the property you receive will be in good condition. If you are selling, it will prevent the buyer from claiming that you sold them a compromised property under false pretenses.

Michael Iakovou and Associates makes sure your purchase and sale agreements meet all of these conditions and more. Contact us today for quick, effective solutions to all your real estate woes.

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Eva Chrysanthopoulos -- 5 star, We just closed on our house yesterday and I couldn't be happier with Micheals services. From the beginning of the process he was professional, knowledgable and efficient. Always available whenever I had questions and an overall pleasure to work with. I now have an attorney for life!