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Small Business LawyerSmall business owners recognize that contracts, leases and settlements require a comprehensive legal strategy. Even if you, your employees, and your contractors all enter agreements in good faith, there is bound to be some disagreement or misunderstanding about each party's obligations. This leads to collections problems, expensive settlements, and even full-fledged litigation. Michael Iakovou and Associates strives to make this process as painless and inexpensive for your business. As an SBA lawyer operating around Williamsburg NY, we help New York area firms find amicable legal solutions. Our goal is to save you money, improve your professional relationships, and build a strong legal foundation for commercial success.

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As a commercial attorney with extensive experience in the Tri-State area, Michael Iakovou and Associates understands the full range of disputes that can arise for local businesses. Most such disputes fit into one of the following categories:

Misunderstandings - Poor communication and unclear contracts are among the most common sources of disagreement in business relationships. If you and the other party have conflicting understandings of what your obligations are, you may have trouble resolving the issue even if both of you negotiate with each other in good faith. Our goal is to clarify any ambiguous parts of your agreement. By listening to both of your sides of the story and taking advantage of legal precedent, we can find a solution that everyone is willing to accept.

Abandoned Obligations - While many legal disputes occur between parties that negotiated in good faith, some have less noble origins. If your contractor or employee failed to fulfill their obligations, we will read through the contract carefully, document their actions, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have done you wrong. Likewise, if you are erroneously accused of reneging on your contractual duties, we will prove that you fulfilled them or that the contract did not specify what the other party is claiming.

Jurisdictional Issues - Small businesses in the Tri-State area have the challenge of doing business across, well, three states. Between these states and the many different municipalities contained within there is a wide variety of different laws and standards, which local firms often have trouble keeping straight. If a dispute arises between you and another party over what jurisdiction you fall into and what your obligations are there, we can clear the issue up and make it clear who is responsible for what.

In providing these solutions, Michael Iakovou and Associates takes pains to understand the specific nature and goals of your company. By studying your firm in detail and tailoring our services to it, we can find a solution that leaves you and the other party fully satisfied.

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As important as it is to resolve legal disputes when they arise, the best strategy is to avoid getting into them in the first place. Michael Iakovou and Associates help you steer clear of legal trouble through:

Contract Negotiation - When you are negotiating a contract with potential employees, contractors, or clients, we will go over the terms in detail and make sure they specify everyone's obligations. We will flag any ambiguous language or unreasonable obligations, demanding that they be replaced with clearer and fairer terms. As a result, you and the other parties are far more likely to understand and fulfill the contract over the long haul.

Business Leases - Whether you are leasing assets that you own or paying a lease to someone else, we make sure that the lease sets clear obligations, charges fair prices, and protects the underlying property.

Corporate Formation - If you are founding a new organization or transforming an existing one, we will advise you on how best to incorporate it. We strive to maximize your capabilities and flexibility while minimizing your obligations, increasing your potential for success.

To learn more about small business law or request our assistance, contact Michael Iakovou and Associates today.

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