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workplace accident lawyer Of all your employer's responsibilities, none is more important than keeping you safe. No matter your field or position, there is always a risk that you will be seriously injured at work. If this occurs because your boss didn't take the proper precautions, they have an obligation to pay for your medical treatment, physical therapy, and other direct and indirect costs of the accident. Michael Iakovou and Associates ensures that employers pay every cent they owe after a workplace accident. By getting you full redress, we not only make it easier for you to recover, but also send a message to employers throughout the New York area that they cannot get away with negligent behavior.

New York's Top Law Firm to Help Victims Recover from Workplace Accidents Michael Iakovou and Associates understands the full range of workplace mishaps that can occur, as well as how serious an impact they can have. To maximize the effectiveness of our services, we provide:

Extensive Expertise - The Michael Iakovou team includes a construction accident attorney, a slip and fall lawyer, and countless other specialists for a myriad of different employment accidents. This allows us to respond quickly to every variety of accident claim. Regardless of your job or the industry you work in, we have the skills and experience to handle your specific situation.

Assistance Across All Jurisdictions - Michael Iakovou and Associates is well versed in business and employment law throughout the Tri-State area. No matter your specific location, we can determine what your employer's obligations are and prove in court that they are not fulfilling them.

Care for All Clients - Our attorney team is committed to serving clients from all backgrounds and identities. We have specialists who speak Portuguese, Spanish, and Greek as well as English, and will communicate with you in the language you prefer. By providing support to every variety of client, we remind employers that they have a responsibility to keep all of their employees safe, no matter their race, ethnicity, or national origin.

Despite our all-encompassing approach to legal support, Michael Iakovou and Associates takes the time to understand the details of your case. We learn as much as we can about not only your specific injury, but your employer's broader history of preventing and responding to workplace accidents. This allows us to build as strong a case as possible for you while encouraging your coworkers to come forward if they have suffered in similar ways.

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney to Get You the Redress You Deserve To ensure success in workers' compensation cases, the Michael Iakovou team has come up with a detailed legal strategy, which involves:

Expedient Assessments - When you report your accident, we will travel to the scene and gather all the information we can about it. We also learn as much as possible about how your employer responded when they learned about the injury, checking to see whether they got you the care you needed as soon as they could. Finally, we assess all the direct and indirect costs of your injuries and demand that the employer pays every cent of them.

Negotiation Navigation - We take care of all negotiations with your employer and their lawyers. This allows us to fulfill our disclosure obligations without letting them know what our strategy is going to be. If it is necessary for you to talk with the other party, we let you know exactly what to say and what not to say to avoid weakening the case.

Surmising Solutions - While Michael Iakovou and Associates is not afraid to take your case to court, we recognize that settlements may be less difficult emotionally and are often just as effective for getting compensation. We will discuss all your legal options with you and allow you to choose the one you prefer. Once you make your choice, we will follow it to the end.

Don't let a negligent employer get away with it. For comprehensive support from an experienced attorney, contact Michael Iakovou and Associates today.

Reputable Workplace Accident Lawyer in the greater Jackson Heights area.

workplace accident lawyer

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